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Scutwork is a very popular database-backed residency review site with thousands of entries driven by community contributions.

The Laboratory of Computer Science (LCS) is the Clinical and Research Informatics Division of the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). We provide clinical and research information systems support to the hospital and conduct active research into the application of computer technology in medical record systems, physician workstations, clinical problem solving, expert systems in medical diagnosis, knowledge management, and clinical research.

Affiliated with Harvard Medical School, we provide a variety of programs for use by its students. The LCS also directs a postdoctoral training program in medical informatics that is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NLM).


DXplain is a decision support system which uses a set of clinical findings (signs, symptoms, laboratory data) to produce a ranked list of diagnoses which might explain (or be associated with) the clinical manifestations. DXplain provides justification for why each of these diseases might be considered, suggests what further clinical information would be useful to collect for each disease, and lists what clinical manifestations, if any, would be unusual or atypical for each of the specific diseases. DXplain does not offer definitive medical consultation and should not be used as a substitute for physician diagnostic decision making.