apprentice is a new platform for patient care being developed at the MGH Laboratory of Computer Science and General Medicine Division. It creates a framework for the integration of patient data with tools for collaboration and educational resources. apprentice:mobile is the flagship of the apprentice line, allowing handheld devices such as the Palm Treo and HP iPAQ to access resources and knowledge from any location. This platform is particularly well suited for residents or staff members who travel throughout the hospital. apprentice is the culmination of a collaborative vision for clinical care and education developed at the MGH Department of Medicine. Now, the technology is available to make it possible.

apprentice:web provides all the functionality of apprentice:mobile for desktop access and is suited for rapid data entry (e.g., for preparing for handoffs of care, recording teaching documents). Together, these two components help self-learning medical programs meet the dual needs of world-class patient care and sustainable teaching and education in an increasingly time-driven environment.




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